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Get your own Animal Farm with xaff 3.0

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xaff is a clone of Stefan Gustavson's xteddy with one basic difference (It may accordingly be distributed under the GPL) and some additional features. The basic difference is the fact that unfortunately only a small part of the population of our planet knows its prototype, the "Äffle" that - with his friend "Pferdle" - fills up the breaks between the ads in the regional TV of the "Südwestrundfunk" in the Southwest of Germany. The intention of this wonderful program is making this sympathetic monkey famous throughout the whole world by free distribution on (I hope) non-crashing non-Microsoft systems. Like xteddy it can be stopped by pressing 'q' or 'Q' with the mouse pointer over it.
With its version 2.0 xaff (New Xaff) has started moving and new convenient options have been added for people who don't like to strike too many keys. The current version xaff 3.0 is able to adopt different shapes. It can appear as a monkey (Äffle), horse (Pferdle) or zebra. xaff 3.0 includes man pages in English (man xaff) as well as in German (man xaffd) and is also available as an RPM package.
Have you ever heard about a Windoze 95 software package of comparable quality?
Have you ever heard about a Windoze 95 software package that can be installed and deinstalled correctly in such an easy way?
Micro$oft systems become more and more obsolete.



The options highlighted in blue indicate the improvements compared to the previous release.


animal selecting options

A preselection is already done by the call of the program. The name of the executable file is "xaff" (Affe = monkey). There are also 2 links named "xpferd" (Pferd = horse) and "xzebra" that cause xaff to appear as a horse or a zebra. A zebra is defined as a horse with white ears, a white face and a black mouth.

Further shape corrections can be done with the following options:

 -aff, -aeffle, -monkey, -mongele, -xaff                -> monkey
 -pferd, -pferdle, -gaul, -horse, -horsele, -xpferd     -> horse
 -zebra, -xzebra                                        -> zebra

color options

 -gosch   <color>
 -mouth   <color>     color of mouth or horse's zebra strips

 -xicht   <color>
 -face    <color>     color of face or horse's face excluding zebra strips

 -aug     <color>
 -eye     <color>     color of eyes

 -ohr     <color>
 -ear     <color>     color of ears

 -hemd    <color>
 -shirt   <color>     color of horse's shirt

 -all     <color>     The whole head is set to <color>.
                      Following color options are taken into

 -mono                b/m mode
<color> must be a valid entry of rgb.txt. If you specify "none", "None", "transparent" or "Transparent" as the color the refering part will become transparent.

Example: The composition below is a symphony made of
xmcd &
xaff -mouth none -face none -eye orange -ear blue &
xpferd -mouth none -face yellow -eye magenta -ear none -shirt white &
and Guildo Horn.


geometry options

 -x       <value>      
 -y       <value>      initial position
 -center  <value>      x and y refer to the screen center
 -vx      <value>      initial horizontal velocity
                       in pixel / 100 ms
 -vy      <value>      initial vertical velocity
                       in pixel / 100 ms
 -acc                  random accelerations

 -display <terminal>   works

 -f                    xaff always stays on top



Please send your feedback to: ignal@xaff.de

Suggestions are always welcome and if you want to be informed about future releases -> just mail me.

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